Sweet Waffle
With a little of magic!

The traditional Sweet Belgian Waffle are buttery, hot, fluffy, soft, crunchy made with brioche-style dough and artisan pearl sugar with light, airy texture and crispy exterior.

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Savoury Waffle
Packed with many key nutrients

Amp up yourself with crisp but fluffy Savoury Waffle topped with cheesy, jalapeno & spicy ingredients best cooked for a tasty twist breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack!

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Taste loaded with nutrition

Enjoy a full glass of old-fashioned milk as healthy, full energetic thick, creamy, hand-dipped milk shakes made with premium flavors like chocolate, Oreo, vanilla, butter-scotch, etc.

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About Us

We started traditional Belgium Waffle Company with a mission to add value to the way Indians (From kids to old) eat and drink by providing access to nutritious, healthy, full energetic options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or even as a midnight snack! in form of Sweet & Savoury Waffles & Milk Shakes.

At Belgian waffle you will be served with delicious and hot waffles made freshly in front of you, topped with different flavors, choices of toppings, syrups, chocolate, fruit slices or cream and we make it best for you. Also served as a dessert topped with icecream, our varieties gives a lip-smacking taste where one can never resist these temptations.

We’d love to share our Belgian Waffle with you, and we’d love to see you share the same with the world.
Our motto is to keep our customers highly satisfied with the finest quality, fresh and nutritious ingredients.

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Product-Customer Story

franchise opportunity


Waffles are a very versatile food item, serve as a quick pick and great as an anytime snack. Waffle make it for a delicious, favorite and an excellent healthy breakfast, a great snack in the afternoon and a dessert in the evening. Light, delicious, quick and gratifying are some of the best described adjectives for waffles. Do not miss out on them and have better mornings and a good day with Waffles in India !! With Sweet fillings or nutella or belgian chocolate with strawberries/banana, this was just what we craved for! Try them all..

Caramel Belgium Lietge

Maple Butter Checkmate

Grab & Go Banana Karamel

ButterScotch Toast Crunch

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Who says waffles have to be sweet?
Forget them and choose our Belgian Savoury waffles – Crispy from outside and fluffy from inside can make anyone feel like a big kid. Belgian waffle provide a combination of excellent Waffle with bell peppeer, capsicum, spinach, cheese, tandoori paneer or smoked cheesy corn tucked in every inch of these waffles at value pricing which can be a great option as a snack or a meal.


Mashed Tandoori Panner

Smoked Cheese Corn


Masala Triangle Shots

Traditional Boring Cow milk - The choice for humans for many years, is know transformed into delicious, nutritious, high energetic and totally guilt-free milk shakes. And all thanks to fruit puree, ice, milk and Belgium waffles. So start your day by boosting the metabolism with our Funky yet healthy protein drink range of Classic, Choco Holic, Tutty Fruity & Cookies Carnival.

Mango Melody shake


Crunchy Butterscotch Shake


Exotic Saffron Shake

Franchisee Opportunity

We believe that our franchise partner’s success will be our success and thus we will support them continuously to achieve profitable growth. Starting with an aesthetically designed functional optimal outlet, a strong launch of a Franchise store, an effective branding, excellent product and continuous handholding we plan to build an enduring partnership helping a Franchise to grow.

Waffle make it for a delicious, favorite and an excellent healthy breakfast, a great snack in the afternoon and a dessert in the evening. So you can expect rush at all times during the day. The product achieves its differentiation due to variety of delectable toppings and filings, making it handy & easy to pick and move ahead.

Prepared in No time, Belgian Waffle is crispy, hot, light, delicious, soft and gratifying with enticing aroma and a hot favourite of kids, young generation, equally loved by elders.

1. Identification of high foot fall area. 2. Store Design (Layout & 3D). 3. Product Training 4. Billing system support 5. Variety of poroduct based on continous research. 6. Sales & Marketing with effective Launch. 7. Operational Support

We plan a strong launch of Franchise store and Prelaunch cashback coupons distribution, leaflet, pamhlets, digital marketing, Attractive promotions and software for customer database.

Store Launch, shop promotion, Loyalty program, Customer retention initiatives, Continuous marketing & brand building initiatives with presence in social media. Promotions, customer walkin inititaives, SMS marketing, various offers, Cash-back facility, website promotion, social media promotion & local store marketing

High profitable business venture with addition of savoury and shakes, an additional business opportunity.

Lets start by ontacting us by giving miss call on +91-8503833233 or email us at support@belgianwaffle.in

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